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The project

Governments and society have recognized the need to reduce climate change by requiring more energy efficiency and reducing the dependency on non-sustainable energy sources. To fulfil these challenging commitments, hydrogen is expected to play an important role to efficiently store and distribute large amounts of energy in a space-efficient way, especially in the field of mobility.

For transportation applications, the overarching technical challenge relates to the safe storage of the hydrogen amount required for a conventional driving range, while complying with vehicular constraints of weight, volume and cost.

Current high-pressure storage systems are made of a plastic liner, which ensures gas tightness, around which a carbon-epoxy composite is wound. Such tanks, called “type 4” pressure vessels, are able to safely store hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bars. Still, these state-of-the-art tanks suffer from some limitations that makes it difficult to achieve a broader market introduction such as safety, performance, cost targets, refueling/emptying time, weight and volume, durability, life-cycle cost and recyclability.

To face these challenges, the THOR project aims to develop a cost-effective high-pressure thermoplastic composite hydrogen storage vessel for transportation applications. The project will result in a demonstrator vessel, complying with requirements for integration in vehicles.

The THOR consortium represents the entire supply chain for hydrogen storage, from technology developer to industrial manufacturer and end-user, which will strengthen the European supply chain and enhance the market uptake.


  • April 30th 2019 : Exposition ACT Los Angeles

    Some partners went to the site of the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) in Los Angeles in 4/2019. The objective was to assess the interest of our new technology and to know more about the different market players. Thus, more than 25 new contacts were then established, and the stand, above, was extremely busy.

  • February 7th – 8th 2019 : THOR kick off meeting

    THOR kick off meeting : Faurecia has welcome all partners in a unique touristic area in Bavans (Alsace – France) at their research center. It will be the start of a fruitful collaboration of these three years of European collaborative project for the development of composite pressure vessels.

  • January 16th - 17th 2020 : THOR 12 Months meetings

    THOR partners have met for the third time. This meeting took place in Leuven and took place on January 16 and 17, 2020. The meeting was organized so that each partner presents their work by recontextualizing it in their work package. Thus, each work package was examined and reported on its progress. The progress of the project will also be necessary with an estimate of the delay as well as an update of the GanTT diagram. The delay in deliverables, those which are not in production in...